Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pink Bottoms Are Not The Same As Red Bottoms

Just a quick question and on a much brighter note!

Anyway, last night I was watching some reality show, can't remember the name at the moment, but the girl said "pink bottoms are different than red bottoms, so bitch step your game up." I thought I would die from laughing, one because I've never seen a show with a pink bottom and two only a rich bish would say this to another person.

So people can you please tell me what are pink bottoms, maybe this broke bish could buy those instead,NOT!
The hottest must have shoe in the game is Christian Louboutin; and I'm saving all of my pennies to get a pair by spring! LMAO

The Fashion Show:
Anyone watch the Fashion Show? I just have one question what is wrong with Calvin, and lawd only knows I could not be a client or a teammate! Azz would be dead!!!!!!!!!!

Iman's how personality on the show annoys me!

Last night I watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta and I must say this is one of my favorite drama felt shows! Ummm I need Khandi to get a stylist!!!! I mean you don't have to wear Gucci all day every day but dang it dress as if you are trying to impress the people that paid money to see you and please do something with that hair! You know Derek J is riding on your tour bus right? Other than that I need her to put a foot in Kim's azz for being ungrateful and thinking she has talent!
Cynthia should have ran fast and far away from Peter. All I will say is blackeyes and band-aids in her future
I need Nene to take anger management classes because she goes to jail.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Maybe I'm Old Fashion


I haven't blogged in a while and while I have a lot on my mind this one has been bothering me the most...so to get it off my chest I took to the blog!

I have a really good friend that does really dumb things when it comes to men. For some odd reason she seems to think because she is sleeping with all these men she is accomplishing something, but in my eyes you are just abusing yourself day in and day out and you are walking away empty handed.

Here's the story:

One night we go out with with some guys we met while having dinner, now they all have money and everything is paid in full we have a great time. I walk away with numbers because we all had fun and want to go out again. You walk away with nothing but a yuck mouth and thoughts of you just going for what you want. You meet one guy get no play, another you exchange numbers yet you have a semi-permanet friend, buy the end of the night you giving oral sex to one of one of the guys...WHY? And at the end of the night he asking me what is wrong with your friend...SMH!
The next week you move, meet a guy, and next the very next day you tell me you slept with this dude. Ummm okay, you are grown you do you and use protection and I won't comment.

But one Friday night really pissed me off: We are heading home and she mentions someone I had dealings with and wanted to know why I won't go out with him anymore, I say I have my reasons without disclosing much information; she goes on and on about him which makes me give her the side eye and the look of bish please don't try me and play yourself. Anyway, later that night we head out to Havana's, the guys smoke their cigars, I get my few drinks, have fun, blah blah blah and you start pushing me off on one of the guys there; one that we have never seen with in the group. Now, I'm not one of your other friends who f*&k for status, money, or because I want to be seen as one of your down for whatever friend. I have more respect for myself than that! Anyway, I break it down to dude I don't know what she said but I don't get down like that and everybody here knows it. When the place close he asks for my number and said I was "mad cool" yeah okay I'm over being "mad cool" with people, I could really careless about who likes me. Anyway, I wanted to remain cordial gave him the number, set the default to go to voicemail when he calls, it will be a while before I head to B-More for another night at Havana's anyway.
After I give my hugs and goodbyes to the fellas I go in on her. I had to let her know that yeah I like to have fun, I will dance with you, I will even entertain some of your and their dumb ass thoughts , but never ever put me out there as if I'm going to give up my cookies because that's what you do!

Here's a tip that gave her:

Try getting to know the guy
Let him court you, it's a great feeling!
No one is telling you to fall in love but damn love yourself a bit more than what you show.
Let him buy or pick you flowers,get a card with a little note, SOMETHING!

I am by far the least romantic of my friends but I still have standards and I have always be a lover of little things! After all those are the things that one remembers and appreciate the most