Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Looking Fly While Giving Back

Okay you guys back in early February I heard that the hottest Tees would be launched during Fashion Week in New York for the charity FFAWN+CATHERINE MALANDRINO. FFAWN is a charity founded by MJB in 2008 and includes the designer Catherine Malandrino as one of the Board of Directors. FFAWN; Foundation For the Achievement of Women Now is to help women gain confidence and skills to reach their full potential by helping the young, single mothers enhance their parenting skills, obtain educational and vocational support and to lead healthy, happy and productive lives.*taken from their mission statement*

Anyway, at that time I put out a message to my cousin to head over to Bloomies on 17 February to pick up my shirt when MJB & Catherine Malandrino make a personal appearance. Needless to say my cousin never made it that day and I just shut my mouth because I knew I would never make it to NYC with a boot on my foot and all the snow that was on the grown; however, she finally make it to Bloomingdales to pick up the shirts (I wanted more that 1) but was only to get one of my requested 3.

It’s here! It’s here! So now I’m all excited ripped open the package took my shirt out and tried it on....it’s a medium, yet still to big and to long, okay I will belt it, ummm no not cute because of the print, so now what am I going to do?

Soooooo I have this shirt that I had to pay $50.00(the cost of the tee is only 39 but I had to pay for shipping)yet I can’t wear it. My question is should I get it altered or just keep it and know my money went to a great cause?

BTW: The tee that I have is the one pictured on M.J.B.

FFAWN has many ways that you can support the cost such as donating money or by purchasing products that give a portion of the proceeds to the organization such as Gucci, Carol’s Daughter, or the new FFAWN Walk With Oprah.

For more info of the charity, FFAWN, check out www.ffawn.org


Sweet T said...

Keep the shirt. Find out how much to alter, if it's too much, wear a belt and tights, call it a casual saturday at the mall. :) Feel good knowing that you helped support MJB and her cause.

Sweet T said...

Oh yeah, cousin "forgot" to get my tee, so be happy that you FINALLY got your 1 out of 3 requested. Hopefully, when I go to NYC next week, I'll be able to snag one. But I doubt that is going to be possible.

Blaque Diamond said...

Can't belt it but altering it is an option...THANKS!

OKAY you are one of my fav people, so please pick me up a black one if you can!!!!!PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!