Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yesterday I read an article about a former co-worker who is looking to face 10 years in prison for stealing $165,000 of government funds. Today while at work one of my fav songs "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West then "Hollywood" by Jay-Z, about an hour later "90210" from Wale's debut album Attention Deficit played on the iPod. Now, for some reason this song really caught my attention and not because of the article but because of the lyrics and how some of us would like to Keep Up With The Kardashins but not with our finances.

If you are not a fan of these artist you might ask your self what do these songs have in common with Hollywood? And I will tell you EVERYTHING! You see today we live in the world of Reality TV, when in fact reality TV is the fakest world of all; its not real! Some of us want to live this "90210" life, but can't afford the shirt on our backs. Some of us do "anything for everything" and don't see the harm in it. We don't care about the bridges we burn or how we torture our bodies to live up to the images we are blinded by. We know longer believe in "shooting stars but in shoes and cars", we all aim to be something great in life but some; well let's just say they aim for status that they will never achieve. *oooooh it's the lights*

You see I have friends and family that like to walk around in $100+ jeans, shoes, and handbag...and yes I can admit I'm one of those girls to some extent, but not were it effects my health or finances and not to the point were I want to steal and risk my freedom! I have friends and family that use metro as there only mode of transportation and want Giuseppe Zanotti and Christian Louboutin shoes. They want their partner to drive Beamers and they shouldn't spit out their mouth and shoes they shouldn't be walking in if they don't have the means to have them. I have friends and family who miss meals, not because they can't afford to eat everyday but because they don't want to gain weight or they would prefer to drink their calories not realizing that while she can get in a size 24 and look good on the outside her body is screaming for help on the inside. Learn to keep up with yourself and not the celebs!*blinded by the actions*

So bottom line it's okay to rock the designer labels, it's also okay to rock the Target and Wal-Mart labels as well but remember you must be able to afford them. Most of the hottest celebrities don't pay for shoes, bags, or outfits we crave, they are gifted to them. Control your funds, have your check broke down into threes....BILLS, SAVINGS, AND TAKE HOME PAY. With your take home pay do what you feel. I'm not sitting here on a high horse or anything and I'm a firm believer of getting what you like and want as long as you don't have to sell your soul to get it. Remember that reality TV is not real, it's a mirage! So to all those who live in the world of MTV & BET it's time to wake up and stop living in a dream. You're a regular girl with celebrity dreams but you don't have to end up like the girl in the song. Real talk we all know someone that has lived the life of all three songs; it could end well with you on top or you can be eaten alive in find yourself at the bottom.


To check out the song visit itunes for download
Hollywood- Jay-Z Kingdom Come
Flashing Lights- Kanye West Graduation
90210- Wale Attention Deficit

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Looking Fly While Giving Back

Okay you guys back in early February I heard that the hottest Tees would be launched during Fashion Week in New York for the charity FFAWN+CATHERINE MALANDRINO. FFAWN is a charity founded by MJB in 2008 and includes the designer Catherine Malandrino as one of the Board of Directors. FFAWN; Foundation For the Achievement of Women Now is to help women gain confidence and skills to reach their full potential by helping the young, single mothers enhance their parenting skills, obtain educational and vocational support and to lead healthy, happy and productive lives.*taken from their mission statement*

Anyway, at that time I put out a message to my cousin to head over to Bloomies on 17 February to pick up my shirt when MJB & Catherine Malandrino make a personal appearance. Needless to say my cousin never made it that day and I just shut my mouth because I knew I would never make it to NYC with a boot on my foot and all the snow that was on the grown; however, she finally make it to Bloomingdales to pick up the shirts (I wanted more that 1) but was only to get one of my requested 3.

It’s here! It’s here! So now I’m all excited ripped open the package took my shirt out and tried it’s a medium, yet still to big and to long, okay I will belt it, ummm no not cute because of the print, so now what am I going to do?

Soooooo I have this shirt that I had to pay $50.00(the cost of the tee is only 39 but I had to pay for shipping)yet I can’t wear it. My question is should I get it altered or just keep it and know my money went to a great cause?

BTW: The tee that I have is the one pictured on M.J.B.

FFAWN has many ways that you can support the cost such as donating money or by purchasing products that give a portion of the proceeds to the organization such as Gucci, Carol’s Daughter, or the new FFAWN Walk With Oprah.

For more info of the charity, FFAWN, check out

The Real World.....OF DATING THAT IS!

Okay I have been told that I'm intimidating, mean, but most recently UNREALISTIC, but yet I'm a "good woman"! Really me?! I honestly don't see that so I became a bit defensive, thinking WHAT IS UNREALISTIC ABOUT WHAT I WANT/NEED FROM A RELATIONSHIP? So, I quickly chopped him up as not knowing what he is talking about and had him to explain what exactly was unrealistic about my wants.

Below are the characteristics I would love my partner to have:

Reliability/Dependability (these are interchangeable depending on who uses them, but they are very much the same:-)
No Kids ( I can bend on this as long as you don't have 50 baby mommas and you still freaking them all to avoid paying child support or just like to play emotional are a loser and need to grow up, wrap it up, and get a HIV Test).

I have truly become fond of this dude because of his willingness to be truthful, from his view of course, no matter how much backlash he receives in our conversations. With that said, he told me that 3 out of the 5 goals are possible but I will need to learn to live without having all 5 because at least one will lack one of those requirements. I don't understand that, I really don’t! It's not like I'm asking for an arm, leg, or blood platelets just the 5 things that I know I bring to the table and everything else is a bonus!

Reliability/Dependability-you won't always get because something will distract them and it could be as simple a basketball game that will get you upset when they don't do exactly what you need at that time but they are always there when you are really in need. He raps it up with "but y'all forget all about the needs and rely on the wants"

Trustfulness (Honesty)- you can trust him but as soon as he tells you one lie to prevent from hurting your feelings again that's all you can think of. He said "If I say I don't like your shoes, they make your ankles look fat. You get mad." Okay I had to laugh at that one because some things should just be kept to yourself...but he went on and said that a guy can say "baby I love you, I'm not cheating on you, you are the only one for me. You still won't believe him, but if one of your girls lie and say they saw him at the club with Lisa you would believe the friend and not your man. Why?"

Career & Goals he agreed with...I couldn't believe it!

Kids- he believes it's hard to find someone our age without kids, so I need to give on that one. But if I find one with a "50" I need to look elsewhere because we shouldn't have kids after the age of 30....I guess I'm out of the baby making game since I hit that mark already.

As the conversation got deeper he had me second guessing myself and the things that I want out of a partner, but now I know it's possible to find that someone, I just may have started a bit to late on this journey and because of that he told me I may need to brighten my horizons and look outside the box in his opinion...THAT'S ANOTHER BLOG AND CONVERSATION ALL TOGETHER BUT I'M NOT TOTALLY AGIANST IT ANYMORE!