Monday, January 25, 2010

Jay-Z Speaks On Affiation With The Illuinati with Hot 97's Angie Martinez

As suggested by Sweet T, the interview with Jay-Z

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jay-Z Apart of The Illuminati: Get A Life People

Hey people this is a long one but I am getting tried of all the e-mails I received from some friends about Jay-Z and Em’ being devil worshippers, so this is just my way of venting and showing you guys that I really do know a little something about something other than being silly or talking about the worthless stuff on my other blog.

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of Jay-Z but all of this talk about him being involved in the Freemasonry and Illuminati sparked a little interest about the whole thing. I mean I remember when it was Prince, then 2Pac, and now Kanye, Jigga, Beyonce, and Rihanna and I believe Prodigy started this whole thing. So here are my thoughts about the whole thing!

If you have not heard it from the mouths of these people about their beliefs, it’s not your place to judge. If you choose to cease listening to music, that’s your right but please stop with all of these conspiracy theories it’s becoming a bit mundane and ridiculous! I will be the first to say that some gossip sparks great conversation (I have a whole blog dedicated to just that) and peeks interest to a “stalkish” level but lets get real we don’t really know what these people do, what they believe in, or what they will be held accountable for. So here are my thoughts about the whole Illuminati thing.

Lets begin with the infamous sign that Jay throws up…THE ROC, THE DIAMOND, or whatever you would choose to call it. It’s found on every dollar you have, if you don’t believe me pull it out of your pocket or wallet… It’s call “The Eye of Providence” or the “Great Seal” which has been translated from Latin by the State Department as “HE (GOD) HAS FAVORED OUR UNDERTAKINGS” and actually comes from a story of some sort.

Now look back to where all of those artists came from…Brooklyn, Chicago, Barbados, and Houston. Some of low class and some middle class, but never having money as they have right now. Jay-Z and Rihanna coming from no to little money at all, Kanye, whose mother was a college professor but also a single mother taking care of her only son…which means everything fell on her shoulders and as far as education it would have been provided to him free at the university of which his mother taught! Beyonce, from what we have read and watched on TV about how she grew up went from having a mother that owned a hair salon and a father who worked for Corporate America and quite to support his children (because I believe Kelly is his child) dreams of becoming stars. They gave up their lifestyle and went to having a one-income middle class home.

The handshake which he is seen doing with all of his friends, people he meet, and in the Roc Boy video…I have never once seen a handshake by the mason so I wouldn’t know what the hand shake look like but on the real I have met many a black folk..yeah I said many of black folk, do some weird handshakes that is not considered traditional but I guess giving dap, high fives, or when those of another color making fun of the handshakes that are done are considered normal and have know known connotations.

The look of the above mention, they all appear to be dark, they only wear black. Well guess what most of what I wear is black and you know what else I love a BLACK Smokey Eye when I go lease when I can get it right. And I have seen all the women in bright colors looking all so alive in public and in the pictures that the paparazzi takes and truth be told I love to see Beyonce in anything other than a freaking leotard and I just wish Rihanna could give a performance that don’t bore me to death. I want Kanye to stop acting an azz at public events no matter how funny it may be or even if he is speaking the truth, I also want him to go back to blogging because I miss the all caps blog. I want Jay to send me tickets to all his performances in D.M.V. and at least one at the Garden.

All of this to me is a joke, I’m a fan or should I say a supporter of all them…even Beyonce at times! So while this is the subject for the moment, next week, month, or year it will be another next week, month, or year. Let us worry about what is going in the world today that will actually affect our future! Let us worry about those in Haiti, how the death toll has now reached 150,000. How many people did not know that Guatemala, Venezuela and Argentina had earthquakes one week after Haiti? Let us worry about how here in the US we are known to be the most insensitive people in the world, that African-American women in my hometown of DC have the highest death rate from HIV/AIDS and how African-Americans Men are dying from prostate cancer because they refuse to get annual check-ups. I can go on and on so let us worry about real issues that we know to be the truth but refuse to talk about.

In addition, before anyone tell me to listen to D’evils, Lucifer, Run This Town or whatever else I own the cds…I rock them in my car and iPod and will rap the lyrics for ya! If one person tell me to look at them place the diamond over there eye I’m going to say guess what I need it to pay my bills and get what I want and need just like everyone else. If you want to get rid of yours please pass it on to me because I have student loans from the past, would love to donate more than my $30.00 to Haiti, and buy a new Mac before my laptop blows up on me.

I personally think the new video is whack and boring and all the signs presented are done deliberately for those who are talking about this once again; it’s not for me to decided if this is true or false it’s all just gossip. So in the words of Jay-Z “I’M OFF THAT” and educating our people about something of value “I’M ON THAT!”