Friday, September 4, 2009


What are you doing? Follow Me @XYZ. Update Status. Friend Request Sent. XYZ Suggested a Friend to You. Confirm You Know This Person. You have 6 New Friend Request.

Now that we have all these social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and that's just to name a few, what will our world of communication become? We even have these popular sites as applications on our cell phones, that's just how much we we use these sites to communicate with our peers. We no longer pick up the phone to say "Hey lets meet for lunch," or "How have you been? I haven't TALKED to you in a while?” Now we have that every addictive Facebook, Twitter, and that once very popular my space and instant messenger to ask those very questions.

I'm guilty of it all, I'm posting this very blog from my cell phone,lol.
What if we all update our status correctly; can you imagine that? I can only laugh at that very thought. Mine would go something like this:
Tashica N. Gravely(fb) is on the train heading to work listening to the iPod and writing a blog from the cell.
Blaquediamon(twitter) Its FF follow @(list all friends)happy Friday and check out the new blog (All this in a 140 characters or less).

But wait I'm not done! Now I have to read all my follower's comments and all 150+ people I follow just to stay up on the latest in fashion, music, and YES GOSSIP! I still need to reply to all my e-mails and text messages, and this is all from my cell!

I'm starting to miss the days of going out and searching for my friends in the area once we get separated. I miss the days of calling someone and saying "Hey what's good? We are going to such and such, are you coming?" I miss the days when I actually went outside and didn't make a U-Turn to get my phone, and although we want the world to "GO GREEN" I miss reading the entire paper/magazine, and I miss the days of playing physical games instead of using my thumbs on the cell phone, Playstation, Wii, XBox, or whatever else my little cousins are playing.

Lets get back to the "old days" of calling one another, going out without making plans over a text, email, twitter, or facebook.

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