Friday, August 21, 2009


Cable, Phone, INTERNET, a bundle package sounds great right? Wrong! It has come to a point where I thought I could just cut everything off and then I realize I can’t do everything from phone. And while I have become so annoyed with one company and the service it provides I just can’t let it go no matter how hard I try.

Now normally I wouldn’t put a company out there unless I’m really upset but guess what? I’M REALLY UPSET AND I THINK VERIZON SUCKS! Now there is a history with Verizon, formally Bell Atlantic or C&P, I’m not that old but my grams and many others can remember the names of the companies it once was.
Anyhoo, I first signed up with Verizon in 1998 and have been a customer since, but for some odd reason the company does not appreciate the loyalty of their customers. I am one of many customers who pays a monthly bill to avoid having bad credit or termination of service, but yet I still find that I have problems with their representatives and my service as if I don’t pay my bill.

Let me list a few of the problems I have, but no one seems to want to help
• I do not receive a monthly bill!
o Now I have never signed up with Verizon to receive paperless statements, so why I don’t get a bill I have no clue.
o Call after Call I could receive no help because I did not have an account number. How can I give you my account number if I have not received a bill in years?
o Their solution was to go to the web site and sign up for an account. How dumb is this? If all I had to do was give my address, phone number, and e-mail address anyone could have get my bill information, so why couldn’t I give this info over the phone and receive a paper statement as I have been requesting before everyone wanted to GO GREEN

• Internet
o I first signed up with DSL when Verizon first initiated but since I still had to use MSN and pay the 21.95 a month I terminated the service.
o Verizon updated DSL and made it better and boy oh boy was I happy to get rid of dial-up. I will say I never had a problem with DSL(except with the price going up and down), but the phone connection is a whole other story and will be addressed later.
o FIOS the next thing since slice bread…YEAH RIGHT! Now I have asked a few friends and family members who have made the switch their thoughts and we have all came to the conclusion that it SUCKS! And you can not switch back to the regular DSL because of the fiber optic wires.
• Cable
o So a rep came to the house and suckered my grams into signing up for fios by telling her she would be billed 99.00 a month and with taxes and fees it should be no more than 150.00 a month. LIE NUMBER 1!
o She received here first bill two weeks after install and it was 238.36 cents, now if my math serves me correctly this is and 88.36 cent addition to what she was quoted. NEEDLESS TO SAY I SENT THEM THEIR EQUIPMENT BACK!

I can go on and on because I have really become enraged by this whole thing. I was in the middle of a posting for class when I lost my connection to the internet and had to manually plug in my computer to my VERIZON WIRELESS ROUTER and diagnose my own connection problem. So I still couldn’t get a connetion wirelessly I decided to call my computer company to see if it was my wireless card….NOPE NOT THE PROBLEM!
So I call the 24/7 tech support through Verzion and the a**holes of this company are now better with helping so after an hour of resetting my router, having the tech log on to my computer remotely, and yelling a few curse words I have decided to give up unitl Sunday morning.

I have so much more to say about this whole company and much much more to add to my list of complaints, but my thumbs are becoming numb because I’m posting this whole blog from my cell phone which is not from Verizon! So please forgive me for just jumping around on this topic and cutting this whole thing short, but I just had to get all this off my chest because who knows if I would actually get back on the internet wirelessly.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is It Really Cheating!

Can guys and gals just be friends? In my opinion yes we can all be friends! I personally don't see anything wrong with just being a friend with the opposite sex. There are many people who are friends with one another but nothing sexually is happening as a matter of fact there are no physical attractions there. I do believe that when you develop friendships with the opposite sex there are rules and boundaries that should not be crossed and I will list those near the end.

The reason for this blog…well lets just say my "friend" just recently had an "episode" about being friends with a guy. He knows about my best friend so there was not fight over him because "he was there before me." Truth is I knew you before I knew him; however, we just were on a different level, but of course I didn't say this to him ;-). His problem lies in a guy I just meet this year. As he likes to put it I'm "p*&^y in a jar" he is just "waiting for something to go wrong so he can move in." My reply “stop doing the wrong thing and you don't have to worry."

Guys/girls don't place your wrong doing or insecurities on others! Not everyone out here is a cheater like you or your ex! Do me a favor and grow up, people are meant to meet and greet! As the saying goes "Some people walk into our lives for a brief moment, some people walk into our lives to stay, but they all leave footprints in our hearts." You determine if you want to be that moment, season, or lifetime.
Rules to having what I think are a great girl or guy friendship!

1. Introduce the newbie to the bestie! This way they have no problems with the other. *unless they are just messed up in the head, and you know the girl/guy is shady*
2. Once this girl or guy starts a new relationship one should be cautious as not to call all hours of the night unless it is an emergency! Who really calls to say what’s up at 2 in the morning?
3. Gift giving must stop! Unless you are me, I expect a card, gift, call, or something! And if you still continue to give gifts make your girl/boyfriend apart of the gift giving. Let them help pick out the gift, let them be a part of your relationship.
4. If all else fails don’t give up your friendship but just fall back and know that there is nothing wrong with him/her trying to maintain the relationship with someone who they may want around longer than you in other departments 