Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Every time I ride the train I ask myself why? Why do children act and speak in a manner that I know they were not raised to act and speak. Why do grown men refuse to give up their seats to women especially elderly, but today I was most shocked when a man called a women a bitch because she refused to move her sleeping child so he could have a seat.
Unbeknownst to him her daughter and son was sitting directly behind her and when her daughter spoke up and this is when all hell broke loose. As the daughter reprimanded this older man about disrespecting her mother this man failed to see the error in his ways and would not back down. He went word for word with this lady who stood all of 4ft 5in. and as the threats continued to spill out his mouth no other man stood up for these ladies...Now I'm sitting there with my iPod in my ear at full blast, my magazine in hand, and phone in lap as I turned towards him to give him my seat I notice that there are other seats around...So I say "sir you are more than welcome to have this seat and I will take one of the empty seat." This was not said in the kind normal manner I would on any given day but it was said in a sarcastic tone with all the malice I could muster for this man because he was wrong. This eff'ing retard then says the words that I still can't believe "IT'S NOT ABOUT THE SEATS." Now as I realize that it is too early for this non-sense I think to all started over a seat that you wanted and the lady would not move her child.
I'm just going to wrap it up as rainy and cold day for all and no one really wants to be out. As he is not in the best of moods neither am I so instead of giving up my seat I just turn back around and let his dumb azz stand there .

For all of you who decided to return back to school I commend you! This semester I said I'm tired of school and have an 89% completion rate which means I'm almost done with school. As those numbers pumped my head up I said "Shica, you can do this take 13 credits...You got this!" well I had this up until my cousin got sick and I fell behind in my course work but because I was assigned to a group I stayed in contact with them, I started on my project and e-mailed updates which I didn't get any replies. So last night/early morning I almost lost all my cool and went on this group member...
Background on the project:
We are to design a magazine about domestic violence, we are to design this magazine off of one of the popular magazines of this time. We all had to agree on the subject, audience, and blah blah idea was to cater to a younger audience, use Vibe, US, or a magazine that "others" could relate. My guess is that this one particular group member must be a older, around 40 something, who replies to my e-mail that this is a very sensitive subject and I don't think we should cater to children and use a magazine such as "Highlights" as he went on to suggest that we use "Time". Now you know I type the first e-mail and went on him BUT I need to remain professional so I deleted that email and wrote a very nice and simple e-mail that explained what the magazine is about and why we should write to a younger audience.
Not one to cause drama I just went with this dumb azz and go with the group, when this MAN(the term I am using loosely) no chooses "People" as the sample magazine.

So here it was a cold and rainy Saturday, I work on the "Dear Abby" section that I am assigned and submit it feedback from my other group members were great but here comes the azz of the group that say's the following:
Sorry for taking so long to reply back to you. I was with family over the > > Easter Holiday and did not have time to respond to emails. Your content is good, however, we are suppossed to format our text into at least two > > columns like the magazine, and your text should be in Times New Roman (12 > > pt).
This was copied and pasted from the e-mail....SO YOU KNOW I HAD TO REPLY AND HERE IS HOW E-MAILS WENT
It's not a problem at all how long you took, glad you had time with your

We are still using "People" as the format for our magazine right? If so,
"People" does not have a standard format for a "Dear Abby" because they do
not have a section of this kind. However, they use different formats for
extra blurbs they have with-in the book. The main articles in "People" are
in two columns written in Times New Roman 12pt font which I will do for my

If the rest of the group would like me to change how it's written I will do
that, otherwise I would like to keep it the way I wrote it. I will also make
the corrections that Christian sent me.

I will also send my article Sunday or mid-week next week. I was also
wondering what we were going to do about the other parts that need to be
filled in.



The whole idea is to make our format similar, so that the finished product looks like it belongs together. Neither one of your slides is similar in font size, style, or format. If you do not agree with my recommendations then that is fine by me. My only intention is to offer suggestions that, in my opinion, will make the finished product look more professional. After all, I am your classmate, not your boss.

As far as the other parts, I believe that the only things left to be assigned are the Cover Page, and Table of Contents. If you, or one of our other group members would like to take ownership of one, or both, of these remaining parts then please let me know. Otherwise, I will do them. If I am missing something else then please let me know.

Oh so now you don’t know who to spell my name!

So as I’m sitting here just wanting to go off I’m going to change the format to 12font Times New Roman and have a boring azz magazine.

So then we have the military!

They are taking both of my babies….the one I’m in like with and the one I just have fun with my brother!