Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Professionalism...Please Come Back!

Professionalism- noun- [pruh-fesh-uh-nl-iz-uh m]
1. Professional character, spirit, or methods.
2. The standing, practice, or methods of a professional, as distinguished from an amateur.

I decided to post the pronunciation and meaning of this one word that people seem to forget about. I am begging for it to reappear in our daily lives.

Despite how you might feel about the people you work for or around you must still hold a certain aura about yourself. You should always leave people thinking how good you are at your job whether you want to be there or not. You should want to leave an impression that the job just will not be the same once you leave; make them realize how much you did, how much you know, and that although your position has been replaced by another they can not replace the work you have done or the contacts you have made.

What people need to learn about PROFESSIONALISM is that it reflects you as a person…get it your CHARACTER! You are most likely considered a professional, a go to person, but when your attitude reflects otherwise who will look at you and would agree that you are in deed a professional.

I for one expect nothing from anyone, learned that the hard way. Now my motto for people out side of family would be “I expect you to do exactly what it is you are going to do.” You may ask yourself what does she means by that. Well it’s what the above say, I expect absolutely NOTHING! People promise you the world, people say this that and the other until you are actually there and because they have problems or issues they switch up the game both in your professional and personal life, but again it makes them look bad.

Now Professional life v. Personal life, I need for people to learn to distinguish between the two. Professional you do what you have to do to get the job done and get paid…this does not mean back stabbing, biting, or lying but being a hard worker and being honest. After duty hours leave it at your desk and on the grounds of you business establishment.
Personal life may consist of some people from your professional life but what they did doing duty hours needs to be chop it up as a lost and keep moving. Let that person know you don’t discuss business outside of work.

As a friend you are obligated to listen to another friend vent about his/her problems about work, but where do you draw the line when you know their decision will affect you?
And after you are tired of listening to a person who can’t distinguish from the two what do you do?
As for me I get vocal, I will tell you how messed up a situation is…and guess what? I don’t care what you have to say about me when it’s all said and done. Why? Because a few things can happen; you will see the error of your ways (maybe early or maybe to late), you will try be professional and do your job, or you may just lose out on both professional and personal contacts.

Remember it’s all up to you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year!

Have you took a step back and looked at your life lately? Well I have and noticed that there is a lot of room for me to grow, learn, and do a whole lot more that I can not mention here, lol. I'm going to start with the people who mean me no good or the people you tend to hold on to just because you have had them around for years upon years and it just seems like they belong there.

Today is the day where I will get rid of those who want to use me, those who I have used, and those relationships that has ran its course and we have no means to be together as friends or enemies. I mean what’s the purpose of holding on to these relationships? In my eyes I can see one of three things happening:
1.You will continue to be used until they are done with you.
2.The person you use will start to see clearly and either use you or end the “friendship”.
3.You will never have room to grow into a healthier and happier relationship.

What made me realize all this? Well a few family members that appears to always be happy and can see the bright side of everything, a friend when he texted me about his daughter (thanks for making me an auntie, lol), and an associate that has never seen or heard me talk about a person, but picked up on the chemistry that is shared and painted a portrait that only someone on the outside can do. OH and it doesn’t hurt that a special someone said something to me that melted my heart. Is this not enough to make you think about what you really want in life.

I see that I now want a complete package, I want the joy of family and friends, I want the love of family and friends, I want the warm feeling inside when my God-son tells me I’m the best in the world, when my cousins call or text just to see how I’m doing, I want a people that can put a smile on my face when the day is not going so right, I want a person that keep butterflies in my stomach each and every time I see them, and lastly I want everyone to know how much I care and appreciate them and want to provide the samething to them that I’m asking for.

So today I’m am going to try to let go of past hurt, pray that people forgive me for things I have said or done to them, and really work on forgiving those who have hurt me. I’m going to open up a little more, be more understanding, and try to be a little more carefree.

These things are not my New Year’s Resolutions but things I want to apply to my everyday life. To me New Year’s Resolutions are like wishes if you tell them they won’t come true, so I’m only sharing the first step of me living a healthier and happier life and hope that it may help you too.

I know we are 14 days into the New Year, but hey a girl was a little busy.