Tuesday, December 30, 2008

WTH….Weirdest Dream Ever!

I had the weirdest dream today and when you read this you will say she is lying, but this is no lie I woke up and said out loud WTF and texted my cousin. Here’s what happened!

I woke up this morning about 5am to wash my hair so after I washed my hair and put conditioner in I felt sleepy so I lay back down before I had to meet my friend…this was about 6:30am. So while I’m sleep I start this weird crazy dream, but I’m only going to tell the part that had my laughing at myself and texting my cousin with this non-sense, even my grams was laughing at me.
In the dream I go up stairs to use the bathroom and I hear the door open, so once I’m done in the bathroom I go around the corner but don’t see anyone. I then go into the kitchen to get something to drink and look around again where I see mail on the floor by the front door which is slightly open. I go down to pick the mail up and look out the door where I see my grams trying to get things out the car, I ask do she need help and she replies no.
Once she gets in the house she has a dog, now the dog attacks me! I mean this dog jumps up and grab hold of my forearm; it doesn’t leave a mark, does not lock down on to my arm like a pit-bull, but just jumps up will a full set of teeth and latches onto my arm. She struggles to get this stupid dog up the stairs all while claiming it’s a baby and I yelling at her that it’s not a baby. Then this stupid dog attacks me AGAIN! So now I’m pissed, I’m yelling that I’m going to kill this dog if it attacks me again and she will need to keep it up stairs.

Now I’m back down stairs and her she comes with her dog, but wait it now looks like a two year old little boy. So I’m talking to my grams about this dumb dog that now looks like a child and all the while this dog/boy starts to pee on the floor while smiling at me. So now I’m extra pissed and I start yelling about how this dog/boy needs to be potty trained and she keeps telling me that it’s a dog and I’m saying look it’s a boy a regular little boy and it’s peeing on my floor.

Here is where the dream takes a crazy turn; the dog/boy starts to crawl up the stairs so I asked where are you going? This dog/boy tells me it wants water and plums, I say we don’t have any plums and this dayum dog/boy say will I want Doritos.

This is when I woke up and said WTF! The funny thing is theres more to the dream, but this is what alarmed me the most.

Now before you ask what I ate before I went to bed, the answer would be pizza. But remember I said I woke up this morning and washed my hair and then went back to sleep, so I didn’t eat anything. I wonder if it was the conditioner….CRAZY RIGHT?

IDK If I Was Being Judgmental or Just Asking

I just hung up the phone with a friend I have not talked to in a while and I was really disguised that she went on and on about her new boyfriend but said nothing about her daughter. I think I started feeling this way only after she went off for no reason.

Here’s the short version of the convo, we did the happy holiday greeting, asked about the fam, asked about one another’s health and blah blah blah, so as the convo went on she told me about her new boyfriend. When she didn’t mention her child I immediately thought it was literally a new boyfriend were she didn’t want the child around because it was too early and I completely understand. So I asked when and where they met, I mean I was getting pretty excited for her because I knew she had really wanted a relationship that truly makes her happy, but when she said she met him in May/June I did the calculations in my head and then pulled out the fingers to make sure….did she really mean 5 or 6 months ago? Has it been that long since we talked? She did and it had.

That’s when me with my big mouth ask how was the child adjusting to him being around and that’s when she told me she has not let him met her. I said ooooh okay you guys see one another when she is with her dad? She said no we spend the weekends together. Again, me and my mouth ask so where is the baby doing this time, when do you all spend time with one another? And this is when the tone changed in her voice…she gets kind of defensive and begins to tell me she is a good mother and all of this other stuff. So I’m not up for the venting and try to defuse the situation before I get upset and say some things that I don’t really mean. I explained that I wasn’t trying to judge her but was just asking questions and I know all about the people meeting the fam thing I was just asking.

So I told her to continue on about her boyfriend and if she is happy I’m happy for her; from what she is telling me he seems to be a good guy, has a good job, his own home and no children. I want to keep it light and simple and now I’m joking about him having a brother or cousin just like him. We laugh and talk some more but its getting late and I know she has to work in the morning but before hanging up she tells me again she is a good mother, she does everything for her child, and she needs to have a life outside of her daughter. I tell her that my intentions were not to imply that she wasn’t a good mother, but I was merely asking questions because everyone needs to be happy when in a relationship. Told her that I love that she is happy, hope she stay happy, and we need to do better with keeping in touch then hung up.

So like I said I’m disguised by the convo, her attitude, and I might have to give her a call later today…I might change my mind after I get some sleep but right now I want to call.

The baby is not a baby by no means her daughter is 5 years old, goes to before and aftercare because her mom is the main provider, but the weekends come and go so fast that the question was just a question. If she is with the new boyfriend on the weekends that she has the baby when do they spend quality time with one another? I know she is a good mother, I wouldn’t think otherwise, but sometimes I see women get wrapped up in men that they forget about themselves, what they like, or neglect the little ones that will be there forever.

I also know how selfish people without children can be because I’m one of them. I don’t think I should have to wait around for someone with kids to find a babysitter, I don’t think I should have to be with your child every weekend, every other weekend, or whenever they are around. Don’t get me wrong I love kids but I also love to give them back and have them around only when I want them around. Again I know this is selfish so I can understand one side, but I’m not a parent so I don’t know if I was being judgmental or not. I hope I wasn’t!

Monday, December 22, 2008


We are quickly approaching Christmas Day and with 2 days left for shopping here are the perfect stocking stuffers. You can either buy the CD or purchase an iTunes gift card and suggest the following artist:

For those Brandy Fans who have waited for her return, well we no longer have to wait! The comeback and fifth album after such a tragic four years, the disappointing sales of Aphrodisiac and leaving her home of Atlantic records, the faux marriage to her child's father and break up with Quentin Richards, and lastly the car accident, all proved too much for this songstress and made us all realize that Brandy is indeed HUMAN!
"Human", first released single "Right Her (Departed)," speaks of the forgiveness that Brandy seeks from those she has hurt and also asks us to accept her for who she is. While the next single "Long Distance" speaks of a love she longs to be with, but at this very moment she can't. It is a single that is a ballad and needs no explaining, the piano leads us in and takes us out with the signature raspy voice that we have come to love.
Other songs on the CD have a nice up beat soul but it's the ballads that has us wanting more and praying that she never disappear from the scene again.
However, that much needed break, a new home with Epic Records, and the peace of mind she has gained proves just how much she has matured, her acceptance of self, and a stronger more HUMAN Brandy.

Anthony Hamilton- The Point of it All
Anthony Hamilton is past due his respect from those who don’t appreciate good music. If you or your friends are one of those few who has never heard of or never thought of buying a CD from this artist here’s your chance to redeem yourself with his sixth studio release “The Point of It All.” This CD is all about change, a change in life, a chance to realize what you need instead of what you want and once you realize you need love with the help of this gentleman you will forever be a fan. Although it is a little different from what we are use to we are still blessed with that powerful, soulful, country voice that we know only Anthony Hamilton can bring.
The first single “Cool” featuring David Banner is a cute tale of just being together and not worrying about life’s problems. It is nothing more than cute and fun! It is the other tracks on the CD such as “Please Stay,” “Her Heart” and “Praying for you /Superman” that we are reunited with the man we know and love.
To be completely fair I will admit there are some less worthy tracks on the CD, but with Anthony Hamilton you will eventually start to sing along and have the CD in heavy rotation.
You should also check out other CDs from this artist, Comin’ From Where I’m From, Soulife, Ain’t Nobody Worryin, and Southern Comfort.

These two I’m still listening to see how much I actually like them!

Keyshia Cole-A Different Me
The third release from Ms. Cole and it’s a little different from the last CD, since I was not a huge fan when everyone jumped on the bandwagon. “A Different Me”, is a range of ballads and up-beat songs that compliment her voice, but also seems a bit more fun than the last release of "Just Like You."
Since I’ve only heard the entire second CD I’m going to put this in rotation and get to know a different Keyshia Cole.
So far my favs on the CD are:
You Complete Me
Trust featuring Monica
Make Me Over (this one grew on me after about the 5th go round)
This is Us
And it truly is a Different Keyshia Cole, new look, new hair, and dare I say new teeth! they layout of the cd cover alone is HAWT and the hair.....so much better than the red and blonde. the new look is simply FIYAH!

Jamie Foxx- Intuition
Jamie Foxx’s much anticipated follow up to his double platinum Unpredictable; Intuition is the latest of the Jamie Foxx installment. While much different from Unpredictable, you can still enjoy the sweet R&B voice and piano play that Mr. Foxx is known for, but this album offers a lot of dance/club sounds. Guest features are on about 6 of the tracks and include The Dream, Lil Wayne, TI, Floetry’s Marsha Ambrosius, and others.
Over all you will enjoy this album, I haven’t picked a favorite just yet, but I’m still listening!

Other CDs for stocking stuffers:
Musiq Soulchild- On My Radio
Jazmine Sullivan- Fearless
Jennifer Hudson- Jennifer Hudson
ColdPlay- Viva La Vida
Kanye West- 808 & Heartbreak
John Legend-Evolver
Ledisi- Lost & Found

Remember cute socks are cool but great music is timeless!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Just when you think that the world is full of adults you are slapped in the face by reality; you find that grown men and woman are the cause of negativity due to there very own insecurities. Insecurities that you can not help them with, insecurities that others place on them or their lack of knowledge of self worth so they don’t know how to deal. If you allow it, their insecurities can and will be transferred over to you and you become defensive, negative, and out right evil.

Today, I encountered a situation that I know I should not let bother me because I know who I am, what I am doing, and where I will go. I have goals, dreams, and a plan that I will not allow others to interfere with because they have no goals, dreams, or plans of there own. However, today my friend was hurt by the actions of these so called adults, these very adults whom she considered as a friend(s) and despite what was said of me I wanted to speak out for her.

I wanted to let those grown ass men and women know that we are no longer in elementary, middle, or high school; those years have come and gone, that you are the very men and women who have children and that their children learn from their actions. These are the very men and women who claim they are Christians but don’t know just because you attend Sunday service it doesn’t make you a Christian. These are the very men and women that should help guide you, encourage, you, push you when you think you can no longer go on. These are the very men and women who should be able to come to you if they have a problem with you; these are the very men and women who need to seek guidance for themselves.

As I have said in my blog further down HATERS MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND! So, my friend LET THEM HATE! You continue to hold you head high, show that beautiful smile, hell take a drink and toast to their immaturity all while knowing the greater plan you have for yourself. You will continue to encounter many haters; that’s how you know you are going in the right directions. Remember HATERS ARE LIKE LITTLE DARTS BEING SHOT AT YOU, JUST BRUSH THEM OFF. YOU KNOW YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE WHEN THEY COME, YOU SHOULD EXPECT THEM!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am HIV........

Today is World AIDS Day and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are more than one million Americans living with HIV/AIDS; one-third of them do not know they are HIV Positive; the numbers are approximately 900,000 people living with HIV/AIDS and approximately 300,000 may not know they are HIV Positive.

Washington, DC has the greatest increase in HIV/AIDS cases with one in every twenty adults being infected; it occurs among people of color, women, drug users who inject, and through heterosexual contact. 81% of all AIDS cases in the district are among African-Americans. There are more than 15,000 people in our capital who live with the AIDS virus while tens of thousands more are infected with HIV.

AIDS remains the leading cause of death among black women between the ages of 25 and 34 and the second leading cause of black men between the ages of 35-44. 5% of the entire population in the district is infected, which is comparable to South Africa.

While I support the cause in Africa, I also support the cause here in America which receives less attention than that of Africa. There is NO cure for this epidemic, but there are ways to prevent this disease with abstinence being the safest and surest. For those who do not practice abstinence always use protection, and if you are a drug users always use you own needles hopefully new. Get tested every 6 months, once a year, or follow the guidelines from your caregivers; if you are infected there are antiviral drugs available and clinical trials for your use. The National Institutes of Health Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) offer trials that you may qualify.

As for me, I know my status do you know yours?

If you do not know your status please find a testing site in your area by clicking on the following site: