Friday, August 22, 2008

Technology, So Addictive!

I can remember a time when there were no cell phones, no computers, no video games, IPods/MP3, and when they came along we still went outside to play. Now I notice how the kids are couch potatoes, the tweens/teens are connected to their cell phone as if it was life support, or always on myspace or facebook; I never really understood how they could be so focused on those things until now.

Just recently, I lost my cell phone and nearly lost my mind, and when I got it back, I sent out a mass message that I was back in business. Now, I was always the type to not answer the phone, leave the phone in another room, or turn it off all together. However, when I lost that handy device I felt as though I lost my entire world to communicate, all the numbers, pictures, e-mails, text, and instant messages where gone. Who really owns an address book anymore? I can use my phone to do everything my computer does; so you know I was lost without it. I really did shed a tear as I watched it go down the storm drain. I couldn't believe what my eyes showed me, I couldn't believe that in less than 2 seconds I would be on the phone calling for a new device and paying a hefty 130.00 for a phone that has insurance (which is another issue).

The IPod is the best thing invented since my grams sweet potato pie and chocolate cake! You no longer have to carry around a million cds in your bag, you can play games, watch videos and TV shows, listen to podcasts, hear audio books, and the best thing YOU CAN TUNE PEOPLE OUT! I put my earbuds in my ear even when I’m not listening to anything, or use it as an excuse when I don’t want to hear what’s going on around me. The only thing I don’t like about the IPod is when I forget to charge the battery I can’t listen, I did like the fact that I could get batteries anywhere and put them in my portable cd player. Oh well times has changed and I had to move forward.

About a month ago, I ordered a new battery for my laptop, which was lost in route to the house…or as I like to say STOLE, because it was supposedly "delivered" to the house. After about a month of no battery, it loses it’s capability to connect wireless to the internet, so now I’m calling the tech support for three different companies trying to figure out is it the router, the modem, or my netcard. Now all of a sudden this horrible blue screen appears and I had a flash back of me paying a good penny for a new laptop after this screen appeared on the old laptop. I start to panic wanted to cry because I can see myself going to the store and buying something new. I call tech support they tell me it’s the hard drive and it will only cost 76.00 and some change, then he comes back and says oh I see your computer is still under warranty…I’m all smiles now. I told the technician to send me my stuff, and I ask about a new battery being shipped at the same time. He grants my request, tells me he will send it out overnight and again I’m all smiles and doing my little dance I do when I get excited about something.

Here is where I get a little nervous...I get 3 different attempt to deliver slips at the door and I panic because they will not try to deliver again until the next business day…BUT THAT IS NOT UNTIL MONDAY. That means a few more days without anything! NO COMPUTER OR PHONE....I JUST COULDN'T DO IT! I call the company and they tell me I can pick up my package before 7pm; I start my happy dance again and I rush to go get my packages. I get home with all 3 packages and the first thing I do is pull out my phone, insert my sim card, and sent my text message. Next I pulled out the computer and screw driver and started working. I hit the power button seen that lovely Windows screen appear and watched as all my drivers and programs were reinstalled on my system. I still have to get a new modem, which will be delivered in the near future and I'm hoping for today, because I'm not use to this connecting with wires business.

So after the feenin', scratching, with drawl the only thing I think I’m disappointed about was losing my I-Tunes library over 4,000 songs, a few vids and movies gone but the most important thing, I HAVE ALL OF MY GADGETS BACK! I guess I’m one of those kids that I never fully understood until I lost everything, I’m a TECHNOLOGY/GADGET JUNKIE….SO SAD!