Thursday, July 31, 2008


What is a Hater? What is your definition of a hater? As for me a HATER is someone who tries to put you down, never wants to congratulate you on your accomplishments, or just someone who tries to out shine you on any given moment...Basically it is someone who is always giving off NEGATIVE vibes. These are the people who never, I do mean NEVER have anything nice to say.

I have a few in my life just like everyone else, but what I want to know is how do one become a HATER?! Do one wake up in the morning and just say damn I'm going to be a hater, does it run through the blood line, or does it come from the people you are around? I mean dayum...why hate on the next person if they are doing well? Now if you are telling the truth and not trying to throw shade on purpose than I guess you have a valid argument and will not be considered a hater. Make sure you are doing it to be truthful and not hating because she can afford a pair of Christian Louboutin or he can drive around in the hottest car and don't have to worry about the price of gas. If it means that much to you should try to borrow those shoes and drive or at least be on the passenger side of that car and not hate on the person.

How many haters must we encounter? You have the haters at work, at home, and on the don't even know these folks, yet they have so much to say about you. I can write a book on these people all day every day, especially the people I work with. You even have celebs hating on one another leaking pictures, talking stuff about how the next artist fell off when they are one hit away themselves, or they are just talking trash about how they are with jump offs and who has been with who....Funny, since it seems that they are all together at one time or another anyway. Can we just say "GURL YOU LOOK GOOD!" "MAN YOU GOT SWAGGER LIKE NO OTHER!" or something just as simple as a "HAVE A GOOD DAY." NOOOOOO we have to say "GURL YOU SEE WHAT SHE WEARING? THAT IS NOT CUTE" "DID YOU KNOW DUDE LIVE IN A ROACH INFESTED APARTMENT." or " SUCH AND SUCH DON'T KNOW HIS/HER WAY THAT PROGRAM LIKE I DO, SO I DON'T KNOW WHY THE PICKED THEM. THEY BETTER NOT ASK FOR HELP" LOL, people really say this stuff. What I don't understand is how does any of their business concern you? These are the people I give names based on their very own ATTITUDE and I try my best to avoid them as much as possible.


Just be grateful for the things that you have, the person you are, or the person you can become, you don't have to live to impress the next man or woman you can do that all by just being YOU!

Here are tell tell signs that you are a HATER:
I know I said signs...but hell this sums it up pretty well, lol. There is only one!

You are on your way to becoming a HATER:
1. When you find yourself agreeing with everything a HATER has to say.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Should Looks Count?

When it comes to the opposite sex should looks play apart? I have had this conversation a million times and I wonder if this is the reason why so many people find themselves with out a mate. I know I’m guilty of this at time, when I look at the outside such as shoes, teeth, finger nails, and dress; now the teeth and nails are apart of daily hygiene which is a must so I keep those on my list of priorities. On most days you will find me in jeans, sneakers, and my hair up in a ponytail especially Monday-Friday but on the weekends you know how I can do…dress up the jeans maybe put on a skirt depending on where I’m going put on a dress…yes I do own them, LOL, but how many people have said the same about me upon first look. How many people have thought I was not a prize winner because I didn’t meet their expectations in the looks department?

Anyway, I have run into some pretty unattractive people and wouldn’t give them a chance even when everything else has been on point…what do I go for? The guys who have everything I’m looking for and those are the ones who THINK they can run game on me. I’m going to start talking to the “underdog,” the ones who have BRAINS! I wonder how many people I have lost as a potential friend because I just couldn't get past what they looked like. Hopefully, I will meet the ones who have something in their heads, on their minds, and the looks weeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll you know they fade but FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, RESPECT, and HONOR don’t come from looks but from the inside. Again they can end up as a friend, possible mate, or eventually your husband/wife.Until then, we must not let LOOKS PLAY A PART but intuition, faith/fate , or whatever else you want to call it to find what you are looking for.

Friday, July 18, 2008

JUST FINE how about YOU?

A while back I wrote a blog on another site about 3 different guys, The “Just a Friend”, “The Nice Guy” and the “Why You Bother Guy”…now the why do you bother guy should have been deleted from your memory bank but for some reason he still is on your list of people you deal with and after this brief im conversation I just recently had I wonder why he is still on my list. LOL, poor little ole’ me. This ish made me so mad I just had to get it off my chest. Here is how the conversations went, just to let you know you must pick a team and it shall always be mine, okay here we go!!!!!I wrote a tag line that said “Why do people lie and wonder why I say ‘eff em?” so this gentleman writes “Wow, stop dating all those dudes,” no hello, no how are you, just trying to jump all up in my mix about who I’m with. So my response was “it’s not about or to a dude but if you must know just ask.” I’m not going to go into the whole distasteful conversation but it all came down to him asking if I wanted a man in my life. I just brushed his question off and told him I’m happy with my current situation. He rebuttals this and tells me he don’t think I’m happy…WTF? He can not be serious can he; so I had to break it down for him to let him know that he never held the key to my happiness although he was apart of my life at a certain time and at that time he add to my happiness but wasn’t the end of it. Here it is five or six years later AFTER the break up, which puts us at almost 9 years of knowing one another and he is still trying to figure things out. BTW: this man is 5 years older than me and you would think I was back in high school….SHAMEFUL!

I wanted to sing “JUST FINE” to him so bad that I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to let him know that I like what I see when I look in the mirror, how I feel when I’m around the people who have my best interest at heart, and lastly I like the man who I currently have in my life because he gives me what I deserve, need, and want! That I am no longer the little girl he once knew, because everyone grows in different areas and over the years I have done just that.

Although I have yet to delete him out of my memory bank or off my im’s he finally got the picture and had to apologize for his comments and realize he made his choices in life and unfortunately for him they didn’t include me and he must move on. Now there may come a time when our paths can cross again but he must know I can’t go backwards. Life is the biggest lesson you can learn from, and I learned that there are men out here who will treat you like a princess after you kissed a million frogs just to find him. Now why would I give that up to go back to being insecure about me…wondering who, what, when, and where you are or what you are doing? I know people change but really can you let go all those thoughts when they were never really there for you?